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IALD Enlighten Conferences

2024 Call for Presentations

Created exclusively by and for lighting design professionals, the Enlighten Conferences are a series of boutique educational and networking events in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. They’re the place where the lighting community comes together to learn, share ideas, and explore solutions with like-minded people who are passionate about light. Intimate by design, registration is capped to fewer than 500 attendees, allowing for meaningful close connections and thought-provoking discussions with the profession’s foremost experts who inspire and motivate, moving architectural lighting design into the future.

The Call for Presentations for both IALD Enlighten Europe 2024 (21 - 22 June in London, UK) and IALD Enlighten Americas 2024 (17 - 19 October in San Diego, California, USA) is now open, and we are seeking energetic and engaging speakers to lead impactful learning experiences. We know that lighting designers learn best from each other, and that idea is what the Enlighten conferences are built on. If you have a story to share, we want to hear it!

Proposal Deadline: 29 January 2024     |     Proposals will be accepted online only.

Creativity, Commerciality, and Collaboration

Creativity, Commerciality, and Collaboration form a dynamic triumvirate that fuels innovation and success in many industries.

At its core, creativity is the spark that ignites fresh ideas, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. It is the wellspring from which original concepts emerge, breathing life into artistic endeavors, technological advancements, and entrepreneurial ventures alike.

However, for creativity to flourish, it must be harnessed by commerciality, the ability to translate imaginative concepts into viable products or services with tangible value. Commerciality brings a pragmatic dimension, aligning creativity with market demand and financial sustainability.

The true magic happens when these two forces converge in collaboration. Through collaboration, diverse perspectives merge, harmonizing individual strengths and compensating for weaknesses. It fosters an ecosystem where ideas are refined, and collective energies drive projects toward fruition.

Together, creativity, commerciality, and collaboration form an inseparable trinity, laying the foundation for groundbreaking ventures that resonate with audiences and leave an enduring mark on society.

Agenda and Topics

Both Enlighten conferences span multiple topics of community interest, featuring courses in the areas of Creativity, Commerciality, and Collaboration. The IALD is looking for sessions of varying length, including hands-on workshops.

Based on feedback from recent conference attendees, areas of particular interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Sustainable and Responsible Lighting
  • Business Management (eg., insurance, marketing, hiring, succession)
  • Case Studies (real application, process, and problem-solving)

Speaker Compensation

Each speaker will each receive the following:

  • Seminar, one speaker: $1,000 USD (Americas) / £800 (Europe)
  • Seminar, two or more speakers: $500 USD (Americas) / £400 (Europe) per speaker
  • And one (1) full conference registration, valued at $1,500 USD (Americas) / £1,100 (Europe).

Speakers cannot promote one product line over another, nor demonstrate with equipment from solely one manufacturer.


Please contact Kelly Ashmore, Director of Engagement + Component Relations.